Trump, the insurgent, breaks with 70 years of American foreign policy. Ben Rhodes on the Trump Doctrine: America last. Donald Trump, dealbreaker: The president’s America First policy is causing the U.S. to withdraw from the world. America and the great abdication: Don’t mistake Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the world for isolationism. America is not in retreat — it’s a rogue superpower: As Trump upends international relations, will other nations restore stability? The new world order is leaving the U.S. behind: American allies have decided Trump is simply not someone they can do business with.

Trump’s Twitter feed is a foreign-policy-crisis machine. This is what European diplomats really think about Donald Trump. What happens when the United States develops a credible reputation for incompetence? Stephen Walt on the global consequences of Trump’s incompetence. Ret. Army colonel: “Amateur hour in the White House is the most dangerous thing” we face. Some U.S. allies trust Putin more than Trump. Thanks to Trump, America’s word is now worthless. Presidents have been sustaining the liberal world order for generations — what will we lose when Trump abandons it? Donald Trump has made liberal internationalism great again.

The House of Trump and the House of Saud: The blossoming relationship with Riyadh symbolises the decay of the US-led order. Trump’s bellicosity is ceding America’s influence to China: The president’s imprudent tweets are convincing the world, and South Korea, that the United States is an unreliable ally. China’s rise didn’t have to mean America’s fall — then came Trump. America’s new world order is officially dead: China and Russia have fully derailed the post-Cold War movement toward U.S.-led global integration. As Trump leads from behind, America’s enemies step in.

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