Questions about Trump’s mental fitness come to the fore. The increasing unfitness of Donald Trump: The West Wing has come to resemble the dankest realms of Twitter, in which everyone is racked with paranoia and everyone despises everyone else. Trump, defending his mental fitness, says he’s a “very stable genius”. Why would the president of the United States, like, tweet this way? James Fallows on how actual smart people talk about themselves. The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state: This is “an emergency”. The case for Trump’s removal is made. Matthew Gertz: I’ve studied the Trump-Fox feedback loop for months — it’s crazier than you think. Axios takes a look at Trump’s secret, shrinking schedule.

John Cassidy on Michael Wolff’s withering portrait of President Donald Trump. Michael Wolff did what every other White House reporter is too cowardly to do. Michael Wolff and Donald Trump deserve each other. Fire and Fury is a book all too worthy of the president.