Cecil J. Hunt (John Marshall): The Jim Crow Effect: Denial, Dignity, Human Rights, and Racialized Mass Incarceration. Walter Enders, Paul Pecorino, and Anne-Charlotte Souto (Alabama): Racial Disparity in U.S. Imprisonment Across States and Over Time. John J. Clegg (NYU) and Adaner Usmani (Brown): The Racial Politics of Mass Incarceration. Black men sentenced to more time for committing the exact same crime as a white person, study finds. Triangulation is the not-so-new black: Daniel Kato on party coalitions, racial scapegoating and the carceral state. Michael Cholbi (Cal Poly Pomona): Black Lives Matter and the Call for Death Penalty Abolition. Banning black liberation: Michigan prisoners are barred from reading Frantz Fanon.

Raff Donelson (LSU): Blacks, Cops, and the State of Nature. Mark A. Cohen (Vanderbilt): The Social Cost of a Racially Targeted Police Encounter. Jeffrey Fagan (Columbia): Race and the New Policing. If you’re a black man, expect police brutality under U.S. law and policy. From NYRB, Bryan Stevenson on a presumption of guilt. A common talking point about African Americans’ views on crime has been debunked. With their doomsday scenario in ruins, what’s the play for law-and-order conservatives now? Why we never talk about black-on-black crime: An answer to white America’s most pressing question.