Adriaan van Klinken (Leeds): Masculinities and the Male God. Anke Becker (Harvard): Herding and Male Dominance. Scott Kiesling (Pitt): Masculine Stances and the Linguistics of Affect: On Masculine Ease. Scott Burnett and Tommaso M. Milani (Witwatersrand): Fatal Masculinities: A Queer Look at Green Violence. The “rules” of being a man are bullshit: Redefining manhood in a culture of toxic masculinity. Lili Loofbourow on the myth of the male bumbler. Carol Cohn on the perils of mixing masculinity and missiles. Men, maybe it’s time to man up and accept some help from yourselves. Conservatives find out that women are studying toxic masculinity, meltdowns ensue.

The prologue to Mean Men: The Perversion of America’s Self-Made Man by Mark Lipton. This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach. Here’s what a clown learned about male violence by face-painting kids at a picnic. “Forget about the stigma”: Male nurses explain why nursing is a job of the future for men. Olivia Campbell on the men taking classes to unlearn toxic masculinity.

Re-defining manhood: Harvey Weinstein and how his toxic manhood is our toxic manhood, too. Shenila Khoja-Moolji on Trump’s manipulation of Muslim masculinity. After the Texas shooting, we need to talk about masculinity and domestic violence. How to keep Donald Trump from spreading his toxic masculinity to future generations.