Michael Makovi (Texas Tech): Consent to Be Governed: A Libertarian Defense of Hierarchy and Authority. David Ellerman (UC-Riverside): Rethinking Libertarianism: A Review/Essay on Elizabeth Anderson’s Private Government. From the Volokh Conspiracy, a symposium on the Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism. Will Wilkinson on libertarian origins, libertarian influence, and the ruling American Right. Are free minds and free markets compatible with Christianity? A baker’s dozen Christian libertarians weigh in. Millennials don’t like conservatism: Libertarians won the CATO-Heritage intern debate. Matt Kibbe and the liberteens: The former president of FreedomWorks looks to the youth.

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John Jackson on Harvey Weinstein: If the freedom to sexually harass, or refuse to hire racial minorities seems like something society should actively fight, then be thankful your morals are not those of Milton Friedman.