From Rhetoric Review, a symposium on Rhetoric, Race, and Resentment: Whiteness and the new days of rage. Robert Greene on how to fight white backlash. Majority of white Americans say they believe whites face discrimination (and more). Why do white people feel discriminated against? Toure asked them. Jon Greenberg on 10 examples that prove white privilege exists in every aspect imaginable. “It’s ok to be white” explained. From Louis Armstrong to the N.F.L.: Jelani Cobb on ungrateful as the new uppity. “Disrespectful” and more things white people say when they really want to call black people the n-word but can’t.

How “white people” were invented by a playwright in 1613. America’s original sin: Annette Gordon-Reed on slavery and the legacy of white supremacy. There’s a good reason to take claims that whiteness will soon include large numbers of Latinos with a healthy dose of skepticism. Yolanda Moses on the shameful persistence of white supremacy in the United States. Not a dog-whistle but a bullhorn: Steve King says “diversity is not our strength” (and more). “Intellectual conservatives must demonstrate that they are cool with racism in order to establish their bona fides with the conservative base”. Damon Young on the most useless types of white people, ranked.