Neil Siegel (Duke): Political Norms, Constitutional Conventions, and President Donald Trump. The Trump White House sounds like a hostile work environment for women. From the Washington Monthly, The FBI is cracking under pressure, and time is running out; and Trump is using the FBI to go after his opponents — how will the media respond? Key vacancies at Justice Department “not a recipe for good government”. Ed Kilgore on Trump’s scary lurch into book-banning. A president who attempts to ban books that expose him should be impeached. Can a president commit obstruction of justice by terminating a criminal investigation? This question has become critical to the future of the Trump presidency. Impeachment-proof: Jane Chong on the president’s unconstitutional abuse of his constitutional powers.

We got a glimpse of Trump negotiating — it didn’t go well. Trump holds meeting to show he’s in charge, instead proves opposite. Donald Trump’s staff knew he shouldn’t be president — now they have to deal with the fact that he is. NeverTrump doesn’t owe anyone an apology: The president’s policy achievements can never make up for his destructive shamelessness. The worst and the dumbest: Given what Trump is doing to our government, it’s a good thing he’s a very stable genius.