Martin Gassebner (Hannover) and Jerg Gutmann and Stefan Voigt (Hamburg): When to Expect a Coup d’Etat? An Extreme Bounds Analysis of Coup Determinants. Mohammad Ali Kadivar (Brown) and Neil Ketchley (KCL): Sticks, Stones and Molotov Cocktails: Unarmed Collective Violence and Democratization. William Partlett (Melbourne): The Elite Threat to Constitutional Transitions. Michael Albertus and Victor Gay (Chicago): Unlikely Democrats: Economic Elite Uncertainty Under Dictatorship and Support for Democratization. Anibal Perez-Linan (Pittsburgh) and David Altman (PUC): Explaining the Erosion of Democracy: Can Economic Growth Hinder Democracy? Martin Klamt (Munich): Militant Democracy and the Democratic Dilemma: Different Ways of Protecting Democratic Constitutions.