From Lawfare, what’s going on with sanctions on Russia? There’s a second Trump-Russia dossier: Conservatives aren’t going to like this (and more). Release the Memo is a farce: House Republicans are now actively working to impede the Russian investigation. Now Paul Ryan is casually throwing around the word “cleanse”. Trump’s law enforcement purge is now Republican policy. As Trump’s exposure has grown, Republicans have carved out a berth of impunity around him large enough to steer him through the biggest scandal in American political history. Republicans have all but given up on opposing Trump.

Trump warned America about his abuse of power: As a candidate, he promised to erode the Justice Department’s independence and prosecute his political enemies — now he’s delivering. Trump keeps throwing tantrums when he remembers he isn’t a dictator. We are in the midst of a trickle-down constitutional crisis. Thread: “It may be time to start thinking about how we can effectively push back against authoritarianism once the last of the checks and balances have fallen”. Senate Dems plot moonshot attempts to save Robert Mueller from Trump. There’s no way Mueller will indict Trump: Those hoping the special counsel will prosecute the president are engaging in fantasy. Mueller won’t indict Trump — but here’s what he can do.