From Lawfare, Carrie Cordero on the Nunes memo and the law of unintended consequences. #ReleaseTheMemo succeeded — here’s how the mainstream media helped. The GOP and Big Lie politics: Conventional media is not equipped to deal with willful lying in the public sphere. Jeff Flake is a product of the same politics that brought us Donald Trump: His protests are welcome, if not always self-aware. Where do Republicans go from here? It’s time to stop speaking delicately about this. Trumpism is modern Republicanism. Masha Gessen on Donald Trump’s very Soviet fixation on applause. Trump’s “marching orders” to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade.

Donald Trump is playing to lose: Whereas past presidents have sought the middle ground in an effort to develop effective policies and win re-election, Trump seems dead set on antagonizing the majority of Americans who did not vote for him.