Trump doesn’t get the “best people”, he gets the worst — here’s why. Trump just taught a master class in manipulating language to excuse abuse: The president’s statement on Rob Porter erased his accusers. Jacey Fortin on Trump’s history of defending men accused of hurting women. The White House had to protect Rob Porter to save Donald Trump. The core mission of the GOP is now to defend abusers. Domestic violence survivor: Rob Porter shows how far we’ll go to silence victims. A reckoning with women awaits Trump. Rob Porter is a national security scandal, too. “If you make the ‘choice’ to be gay, Christian Conservative @BryanJFischer will call for your torture. But if you make the choice to molest underage girls (Roy Moore), beat your wives (Rob Porter), or sexually assault women (Donald Trump), he will sing your praises. #FamilyValues”.