Sam Director (Colorado): The Inhumanity of Cards Against Humanity. Administration imposes sweeping limits on federal actions against companies. Congress introduces record number of bills to prevent people from taking industry to court. JK Rowling created an army of liberals — now they are turning against her. Faster, higher, stronger, more harmonious: Building a more peaceful world, on a luge. The anti-Asian racism of US Empire: Like US violence in Asia, the symbolic infantilization of Asians has a long history. The white darkness: David Grann on a solitary journey across Antarctica. Julia Heinkel on the buzz behind BuzzFeed Books. Republicans in Congress are still waging their war on the CBO.

From Vox, Dylan Matthews on Trump’s 2019 budget: What he cuts, how much he cuts, and why it matters; and Matthew Yglesias on Trump’s infrastructure proposal, explained (and more and more). The era of fiscal austerity is over — here’s what big deficits mean for the economy. Republicans look for somebody to blame for their deficit mess — guess who they found.