Sarah K. Cowan and Delia Baldassarri (NYU): “It Could Turn Ugly”: Selective Disclosure of Attitudes in Political Discussion Networks. Lilliana Mason (Maryland) and Julie Wronski (Mississippi): One Tribe to Bind Them All: How Our Social Group Attachments Strengthen Partisanship. The destructive dynamics of political tribalism: Anti-elite fervor in America bears a striking resemblance to the explosive tension between haves and have-nots all over the world. Jonathan Rauch reviews Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations by Amy Chua. Politics is more partisan now, but it’s not more divisive. Why America is stuck with only two parties. David Brooks thinks the two-party system is doomed — he’s right and wrong.

The case for “retreatism” in the Trump era: Centrist columnists David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan are in despair over today’s politics — an essay from the Great Depression suggests a cure. Eve Peyser asks centrists why they love compromise so much: Diving deep into the “radical center”. The curse of bipartisanship: American elites already get along pretty harmoniously — and that’s the problem. You were not supposed to have to think about politics — not this much, anyway.