Chad Van Schoelandt (Tulane) and Gerald (Jerry) Gaus (Arizona): Political and Distributive Justice. Ben Johnson (Princeton) and Richard Jordan (Baylor): Should Like Cases Be Decided Alike? A Formal Analysis of Four Theories of Justice. Karl Widerquist (Georgetown): Justice as the Pursuit of Accord: Toward a Non-utopian Theory of Justice. Naima Chahboun (Stockholm): Three Feasibility Constraints on the Concept of Justice. Kjartan Mikalsen (NTNU): Equal Sovereignty: On the Conditions of Global Justice. Maliha Fawad (UCC): Poverty, Politics and Global Justice. Hanoch Dagan and Avihay Dorfman (Tel Aviv): Justice in Private: Beyond the Rawlsian Framework. Jessica L. Roberts (Houston): Nudge-Proof: Distributive Justice and the Ethics of Nudging. Rutger Claassen (Utrecht): Justice as a Claim to (Social) Property. Uri Harris on thinking critically about social justice.