Robbie Skyes and Kieran Mark Tranter (Griffith): The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and Natural Law. CORE launches beta versions of the first five units of a new ebook called Economy, Society, and Public Policy. Putin showers Trump in compliments, with a catch. Adrianne Jeffries on why “blockchain” is meaningless. Citigroup drove Puerto Rico into debt — now it will profit from privatization on the island. “Maybe we shut the whole goddamn state down”: Why teachers in Red America are revolting. Thread: “Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens and Chris Cillizza have just hacked the system, that’s all. Outrage clickbait is a pretty good business model if you don’t mind being ridiculed, or think it makes you a misunderstood hero”. Jeff Sessions is wrong: Sanctuary-city advocates aren’t like secessionists — they’re like abolitionists.

Republicans supposedly investigating Trump not following Russia investigation news. If Russia owns Trump, it owns American policies. Mueller is teaching this country a lesson on the nature of corruption. About that Russia indictment: Emma Kohse and Benjamin Wittes on Robert Mueller’s legal theory and where it takes him next.