From the series What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher?, Cliff Sosis interviews Anita Allen of the University of Pennsylvania; Kate Manne of Cornell University; Alex Rosenberg of Duke University; J.D. Trout, of the Illinois Institute of Technology; and Rebecca Tuvel of Rhodes College. Jack Meserve on Massimo Pigliucci: How a skeptic became a stoic. Daniel Kodsi interviews Kwame Anthony Appiah, author of As If (and part 2 and part 3). A marriage of minds: Hilary Putnam’s most surprising philosophical shift began at home. Ian Ground on the relentless honesty of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

The machine in the ghost: Gottlob Frege’s mind was the most powerful motor in modern philosophy — but as a human being, he was a narrow man who left little mark. Adam Etinson on the anxiety of John Stuart Mill. Descartes is not our father: History tells us he invented modern philosophy — that history is wrong. Four philosophers who realized they were completely wrong about things.