Lesley Wexler, Jennifer K. Robbennolt, and Colleen Murphy (Illinois): #Metoo, Time’s Up, and Theories of Justice. Psychoanalysis and #MeToo: Laura Hooberman on sexuality, power, desire, coercion, and consent. Rosa Parks, Recy Taylor and Gertrude Perkins are mothers of the #MeToo movement. Measuring #MeToo: More than 80 percent of women have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Guess what the UN has in common with tech, government, Hollywood, media, and every other industry? The #MeToo movement means rethinking everything about Monica Lewinsky. A tale of two women, and two eras: Why Monica Lewinsky was widely vilified and Stormy Daniels has been praised or ignored. Michelle Nunn on how to make #MeToo a truly global movement.

From #MeToo to #WeStrike: Liz Mason-Deese on what the #MeToo movement can learn from Latin American feminists. The tax on women in national security: Gender discrimination in national security circles is most definitely a thing. Wonder Woman Lynda Carter: This is my #MeToo story. There are many examples of sex-related miscarriages of justice — #MeToo is not one of them. Time is a feminist issue: Six writers discuss the so-called generational divide in the #MeToo movement. What we don’t talk about when we talk about #MeToo: There are other, unattended stories, ones that do not deny men’s age-old power over women. For women behind the camera, sexual harassment is part of the job.

Moira Weigel on the Internet of women: The #MeToo moment isn’t just revealing sexism in the media industry — it’s also showing how the Internet is “feminizing” the industry itself. These are the women of color who fought both sexism and the racism of white feminists. Anna North on what #MeToo means for Trump and his alleged affairs: It’s getting harder to buy women’s silence. All men, all the time: A former literary editor remembers the world before #MeToo. Women of the world unite: Jeffrey C. Goldfarb on radical, liberal and conservative feminism, and democracy. You can download Where Freedom Starts: Sex Power Violence #MeToo A Verso: Report, ed. Verso Books (and more).