Umair Irfan on 3 environmental regulations Scott Pruitt has been dismantling amid his scandals. In his haste to roll back rules, Scott Pruitt, E.P.A. chief, risks his agenda. How “effective” is Scott Pruitt, really? Michael Grunwald on the myth of Scott Pruitt’s EPA rollback. Emily Holden goes inside the EPA: “It’s just a slow-motion train wreck”. AP reports EPA’s Pruitt spent millions on security, travel. Why are Republicans defending Scott Pruitt? His ouster would make it easier to deregulate pretty much everything. D.R. Tucker on the moral depravity of the Right’s defense of Scott Pruitt. Pruitt is the Right’s trial run for ignoring Mueller. Tribalism put Scott Pruitt in power — it may not be enough to save him. Let’s meet Scott Pruitt’s potential replacements. Trump says Pruitt is doing a “great job”, ignores all of the scandals this week.