The inaugural issue of the Christian Libertarian Review is out. Candice Delmas (Northeastern) and Sean Aas (Georgetown): Sexual Reorientation in Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory. Trump’s would-be secretary of state Mike Pompeo has an Islamophobia problem. Alex Ward on Mike Pompeo, your likely new — and Trump-friendly — secretary of state. Holocaust is fading from memory, survey finds. Michiko Kakutani reviews A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership by James Comey. Why the GOP’s campaign against “Lyin’ Comey” makes no sense (and more). From the New Republic, Win McCormack on the rise and fall of the Rajneesh cult. A climate-denying coal lobbyist is close to becoming the EPA’s deputy administrator — why aren’t Senate Democrats sounding the alarm? Rudy Giuliani is single and ready 2 mingle ladies.

The Facebook defect: Since the company’s founding, Mark Zuckerberg has disregarded the problem that led it to crisis today. Mark Zuckerberg refuses to admit how Facebook works. Don’t ask whether Facebook can be regulated — ask which Facebook to regulate. Jennifer Cobbe on reining in Big Data’s robber barons. Katherine L. Milkman on how Facebook could be a force for good: Studies suggest it would only take a few small tweaks. Forget Congress — Facebook’s real problem is in Europe.