Frank Hindriks (Groningen) and Igor Douven (Paris): Nozick’s Experience Machine: An Empirical Study. Yossi Nehushtan (Keele) and John Danaher (NUI Galway): The Foundations of Conscientious Objection: Against Freedom and Autonomy. Stunning developments on Trump/private black ops oppo targeting Obama staffers. The caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum at the border, explained. Dr. Oz is a quack — now Trump’s appointing him to be a health adviser. John McCain regrets his Palin pick for the wrong reasons. Jordan Weissmann interviews Robin Hanson, the sex redistribution professor. I’m not black, I’m Kanye: Ta-Nehisi Coates on how Kanye West wants freedom — white freedom. Jeffrey C. Goldfarb on Adam Michnik, the New School and the Democracy Seminar, then and now: An invitation.

Cynthia Nixon can save the Democrats (from themselves). Cynthia Nixon has already won: By moving the governor to the left — and she’s beginning to think she just might win the whole thing.