From Quanta, Natalie Wolchover interviews Neil Johnson, a physicist who models ISIS and the alt-Right. Why Islamist extremists and the far right need each other: Sean Illing interviews Julia Ebner, author of The Rage: The Vicious Circle of Islamist and Far Right Extremism. Alt-Right or jihad? Unleashed by globalisation’s dark side and the collapse of communities, radical Islam and the alt-Right share a common cause. Why you should be more scared of your oven than of terrorists sneaking into America. David Perry on how white American terrorists are radicalized. Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a “sovereign citizen”, part of anti-government group.

Who’s to blame for a generation of angry white men? The media is missing the point in its sympathetic coverage of white male killers, the biggest threat to women, people of color, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ people — all of us. What do incels, fascists and terrorists have in common? Violent misogyny. Right-wing domestic terrorism remains a grave danger: Why do we ignore it?