The Trump administration has no Plan B on Iran beyond “not Plan A”. Conservatives very confident Trump has thought through next step of Iran strategy. Whatever happened to Donald Trump, the “ultimate dealmaker”? The withdrawal from the Iran deal signals a new power player in Washington: Christian Zionists. Remember when Jim Mattis was supposed to rein in Donald Trump? Trump has put the US on a path to bombing Iran. Tensions rise in Middle East after Trump withdraws U.S. from Iran deal — as if things needed to get any worse. It’s nearly unanimous: Foreign policy experts think Trump made the wrong choice on Iran.

The dark side of American exceptionalism: Donald Trump’s decision to leave the nuclear agreement reflects a view that America has unique rights in the world — but not unique responsibilities. How to torpedo U.S. credibility: One small step for Trump, and one giant blow to American diplomacy — the repercussions of reneging on the Iran deal may last for years. The “wholesale immolation” of U.S. diplomacy: Karl Vick interviews Ronan Farrow, author of War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence.