Ugo Pagano (Siena): Why Have Only Humans and Social Insects Evolved a Complex Division of Labor. Angie Pepper (Monreal): Political Liberalism, Human Cultures, and Nonhuman Lives. Cheryl Abbate (Colorado): Compassion and Animals: How to Foster Respect for Other Animals in a World Without Justice. Simon Fitzpatrick (John Carroll): Animal Morality: What is the Debate About? Duncan Purves and Nicolas Delon (NYU): Meaning in the Lives of Humans and Other Animals. David M. Pena-Guzman (SFSU): Can Nonhuman Animals Commit Suicide? How diverse personalities help animals survive: Macho bluebirds and timid coyotes — and timid bluebirds and macho coyotes — drive the success of their species.

From Between the Species, a special issue on Tom Regan and the animal rights movement. Will Kymlicka (Queen’s): Human Rights without Human Supremacism. Human rights are animal rights: Speciesism is analogous to homophobia, racism and misogyny, argues Peter Tatchell. Should chimpanzees be considered “persons”? The Philosophers’ Brief on Chimpanzee Personhood: Proposed brief by amici curiae philosophers in support of the petitioner-appellant, Court of Appeals, State of New York. When the law recognizes animals as people: Two states have taken steps towards treating animals as individuals, a shift in their legal rights that could have wide repercussions.