David Rondel (UNR): Richard Rorty on the American Left in the Era of Trump. Luara Ferracioli (Sydney): Liberal Citizenship and the Isolated Tribes of Brazil. “This is an extremely dangerous situation’”: Israel and Iran are getting closer to a full-blown war. Europe wants to save the Iran deal — but that might be impossible. Angela Merkel: Europe can no longer rely on US protection. George Will calls “repulsive” Pence worse than Trump. Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick to run the CIA, is a thug. Dick Cheney: Restart enhanced interrogation programs. The myth of meritocracy is increasing inequality: Ed Grover interviews Jo Littler, author of Against Meritocracy: Culture, Power and Myths of Mobility.

The “Intellectual Dark Web,” explained: Henry Farrell on what Jordan Peterson has in common with the alt-Right. “Elites like to pretend there's a difference between Ben Shapiro and Bannon or Spencer. But the consumers of white supremacist propaganda know better”. The real “dangerous” ideas: The people challenging the political consensus are the ones you won’t hear about on television.