Petra Gehring (TU Darmstadt): The Inverted Eye: Panopticon and Panopticism, Revisited. Adam Takacs (Eotvos Lorand): Biopolitics and Biopower: The Foucauldian Approach and Its Contemporary Relevance. Scott Hamilton (BSIA): Foucault’s End of History: The Temporality of Governmentality and its End in the Anthropocene. Samuel Bagg (McGill): Beyond the Search for the Subject: An Anti-Essentialist Ontology for Liberal Democracy. What led the French theorist of madness and sexuality to politics? Bruce Robbins reviews Foucault: The Birth of Power and Foucault’s Last Decade by Stuart Elden. Revisiting Bartky on Foucault: Alexandra Tadros on the production and discipline of femininity. Who are we today? Richard Marshall interviews Miguel de Beistegui on Foucault, Proust, Deleuze. Did Foucault reinvent his History of Sexuality through the prism of neoliberalism?