From the Journal of Democracy, a special section on China in Xi’s new era. How China made it: Zhang Weiwei on the political philosophy behind the world’s most remarkable success story. From Philosophy and Public Issues, a symposium on The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy by Daniel A. Bell. Barry Eichengreen on China and the future of democracy. “Everyone will become rich”: In China, the newly wealthy live in contrast with the old rural poor. A dream of grey mansions: An excerpt from Chasing the Chinese Dream: Stories from Modern China by Nick Holdstock. China’s middle class is pulling up the ladder behind itself.

Chang Kyung-Sup (SNU): China as a Complex Risk Society: Risk Components of Post-Socialist Compressed Modernity. Chinese economists say Big Data can replace markets in planned economies. How “China’s MIT” Tsinghua University drives the country’s tech ambitions. How do you control 1.4 billion people? China’s social credit system, which becomes mandatory in 2020, aims to funnel all behavior into a credit score. China’s dystopian tech could be contagious: The PRC’s “social credit” scheme might have consequences for life in cities everywhere.