Ryan Murphy (SMU): The Rationality of Literal Tide Pod Consumption. Ben Mylius (Columbia): Three Types of Anthropocentrism. Three states are pushing Medicaid reforms that discriminate against black people. Kanye West is wrong: Free thinking, not blind loyalty, drew black voters to the Democratic Party. Elizabeth Nolan Brown on how the “Intellectual Dark Web” is just rehashing old p.c. controversies in new media. Why I escaped the “Intellectual Dark Web”: Alice Dreger on how pissing off progressives isn’t intellectual progress. Why the Supreme Court just opened the doors to legal sports betting in America. The first chapter from To Dare More Boldly: The Audacious Story of Political Risk by John C. Hulsman.

From Vox, the controversial US Jerusalem embassy opening, explained; and “it has to do with burning lakes of fire": Sean Illing interviews Elizabeth Oldmixon on why evangelicals love Trump’s Israel policy. Republicans’ apocalyptic fantasies are now playing out in the Middle East: Trump is tossing a lighted match into a lagoon of gasoline. Robin Wright on Trump’s new, confrontational foreign policy and the end of the Iran deal. The art of the regime change: Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal has one goal in mind — and no plan to achieve it. “Not the Onion: US officials demand Iran continue complying with the nuclear deal even after they themselves rejected it”.