Anthony Cormier and Jason Leopold on the definitive story of how Trump’s team worked the Trump Moscow deal during the campaign. Trump’s lies about Moscow tower are impeachable. Trump is right, this is bigger than Watergate. The stunning past 24 hours in Trump-Russia and Michael Cohen news, explained. The Michael Cohen bribery scandal is now a Trump bribery scandal. Trump reportedly complains about the Russia probe 20 times a day, which seems like a lot? “Buckle up”: As Mueller probe enters second year, Trump and allies go on war footing. Russiagate is not about Russia: What the Mueller investigation continually reveals is the extent of everyday corruption in US business and politics.

Code name Crossfire Hurricane: The secret origins of the Trump investigation. Mueller’s probe is even more expansive than it seems. Robert Mueller’s most important accomplishment: The special counsel’s Russia investigation has a lot to show for its 12 months of work, but one feat stands out. “Just sayin”. How Mueller’s first year compares to Watergate, Iran-Contra and Whitewater — and what those past investigations tell us about where the Russia investigation might go next. Mueller has a lot of options besides indicting Trump — here they are.

Everything we’ve learned from the first year of Mueller’s investigation. In year two, Mueller is wading into a bottomless pit of Trump sleaze. How many years will Robert Mueller need? The White House wants the Russia investigation to end, but history suggests there’s still a long way to go. Nothing in all creation is hidden: Why America needs truth and reconciliation after Trump. Wading into a bottomless pit of Trump sleaze: Everything we’ve learned from the first year of Mueller’s investigation”