The podcast that explains Trump’s America: Welcome to ‘Bundyville,’ home to sovereign citizen activists and the corroded mystique of American Western individualism. Grifters all the way down: Donald Trump’s pardon of Dinesh D’Souza says everything you need to know about the Republican Party and its intellectual underpinnings. Under Trump, Republicans have become the party of no ideas. The right-wing millennial machine: Conservatives are building an army of fired-up young people — by offering them salaries. How the Republican Party eats itself, but stays alive. Don’t count on people knowing how badly the Trump administration is ripping them of.

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“Trump is incorrigibly authoritarian, and the conservative habit of analyzing this conflict as if Trump is not bent on corrupting law enforcement into an authoritarian tool is a way of avoiding the central issue”. I hope very much the Republican Party is destroying itself — if it isn’t, we are in big trouble. Here is a timeline of the Republican Party.