Caleb Yong (Max Planck): Immigration Rights and the Justification of Immigration Restrictions. Do states have the right to exclude immigrants? Sarah Song (Berkeley): Why Does the State Have the Right to Control Immigration? Christine Straehle (Groningen): Justice in Migration. Hrishikesh Joshi (Princeton): Immigration Enforcement and Fairness to Would-Be Immigrants. Liliana Lyra Jubilut and Rachel de Oliveira Lopes (UNISANTOS): Strategies for the Protection of Migrants through International Law. Lorenzo Del Savio, Giulia Cavaliere, and Matteo Mameli (King’s College): Migration and Cooperative Infrastructures. Margaret E. Peters and Michael K. Miller on better democracy promotion through immigration.

Alex Sager (Portland State): Private Contractors, Foreign Troops, and Offshore Detention Centers: The Ethics of Externalizing Immigration Controls. Vilna Bashi Treitler (UCSB): Migration as a Response to Global Inequality. Geoffrey Heeren (Valparaiso): The Immigrant Right to Work. Amy Baker Benjamin (AUT): What Happens When the Unstoppable Force of Multiculturalized Immigration Meets the Immovable Object of the Equality Principle. Tendayi Achiume (UCLA): Governing Xenophobia. Alex Sager (Portland State): The Uses and Abuses of “Migrant Crisis”.