George Steinmetz (Michigan): How and Why Do We Write the History of the Social Sciences. Mario Coccia (CNR): Methods of Inquiry in Social Sciences: An Introduction. Michael T. Stuart (LSE): The Role of Imagination in Social Scientific Discovery: Why Machine Discoverers Will Need Imagination Algorithms. Charles Lowe (Osnabruck): The Significance of Self-Fulfilling Science. Stefano Cavazza (Bologna): Suspicious Brothers: Reflections on Political History and Social Sciences. Stefaan Blancke (Ghent) and Gilles Denis (Lille): Bringing Darwin into the Social Sciences and the Humanities: Cultural Evolution and its Philosophical Implications.

You can download Key Concepts in Humanities and and Social Sciences by Sarah Midford, Sara James and Garrie Hutchinson. You can download Monisms and Pluralisms in the History of Political and Social Models, ed. Andrea Catanzaro Federica Falchi Sara Lagi.