From Mother Jones, David Corn on how Donald Trump is getting away with the biggest scandal in American history. Why Trump can’t get a Saturday Night Massacre rolling. Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre has already begun. Trump has access to everything a dictator could want. Paul Joosse (Hong Kong): Countering Trump: Toward a Theory of Charismatic Counter-Roles. Trump’s power isn’t fear — it’s fatigue. Trump’s lying seems to be getting worse — psychology suggests there’s a reason why. Why do all these criminals keep gathering around Trump? Trump is an objectively loathsome human being, who has no redeeming qualities — the question is, in what ways does this matter? The antidote to Trump is decency.

Trump’s spent far more going to Mar-a-Lago alone than the Mueller probe has cost (and more). People around the world are rising up against corruption — how long can Trump remain immune? From Nixon to Trump: The metastases of Trumpian cultural power are likely to lead to greater and greater malignancy. The Trump era can’t end soon enough.