Timothy Horley (Virginia): Rethinking the Heckler’s Veto After Charlottesville. Victor Shammas (Oslo): The State as God: On Bourdieu’s Political Theology. Anthony Bourdain’s death is one in a growing public health tragedy. Speaking of despair: How much can suicide hotlines do? Weaponizing children: The president is wielding parental love and fear for political gain. Republicans want to use the census to radically change political representation. Census memo: Adding citizenship question will cost at least $27.5M. Vanity Foul: In celebrity profiles, the puff piece makes way for the power piece. Trump: I’ll know whether Kim summit will be successful “in first minute”. The introduction to The Political Sublime by Michael J. Shapiro.

The astonishing tale of the man Mueller just indicted: One of the most shocking revelations from the special counsel’s investigation is the suggestion that Paul Manafort’s longtime aide Konstantin Kilimnik is a pawn of Russian intelligence.