Sarah Birch (KCL): Democratic Norms, Empirical Realities and Approaches to Improving Voter Turnout. Why can’t prisoners vote? If we want to live in a democracy, we have to have universal suffrage — period. There’s no good reason to stop felons from voting. The history of legislative system-rigging by rural, conservative interests is a long and ignoble one — for most of our history, our democracy has been, in Smith’s memorable phrase, a “deliberately misshapen enterprise”. With anti-gerrymandering efforts gaining steam, Republicans in some states are mobilizing to protect their ability to continue rigging election maps. Disenfranchising voters is not Trumpism, it’s Republicanism.

Supreme Court delivers to the GOP a victory in the war on voting. Losing the right not to vote: The Supreme Court upholds Ohio’s aggressive effort to purge voters from its electoral rolls. Ohio voter purge approved, Republicans get what they hoped for when they stole a Supreme Court seat. Voting rights advocates eye new strategy to block aggressive voter purges.