Meet the Trumpverstehers: We know about the president’s most vocal supporters — but what about his more discreet following? How tycoon and Pence friend Forrest Lucas helped two ranchers get pardons. You have to understand that this is all an investment: The Republican party is, in essence, a firm wholly owned by and run for the benefit of the rich. “I think it’s more that Republicans have concluded that the best course of action, at all times, is to close ranks no matter what. If no Republican criticizes the offender, it is by definition a partisan he-said-she-said, and will fizzle. Any internal GOP criticism makes it real”. This is the world Mitch McConnell gave us.

House GOP refuses to renew election security funding as Democrats fume over Russian interference. Russiagate is far wider than Trump and his inner circle: It isn’t just the story of a few corrupt officials, or even a corrupt president — it’s the story of a corrupt Republican Party. Yes, normal Republican elites are a threat to democracy.