From Common-place, a special issue on Politics 2008, including Reeve Huston (Duke): What We Talk about When We Talk about Democracy; Jonathan D. Sassi (CSI): “Great Questions of National Morality”; and Christian Fritz (UNM): America’s Unknown Constitutional World. From The Economist, a special section on the US presidential race. What effect would Obama's election have on race relations? How race can help Obama: Why an Obama win wouldn't be a victory over racial prejudice. Susan Jacoby on the power of unreason: Obama has been winning the debates and is striding ahead in the polls — which is why he now has more to fear than ever before (and more on The Age of American Unreason). Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama’s strategy of calm is provoking his rival into fatal errors. From National Journal, how much does it matter whether Barack Obama or John McCain wins the election? The Economist asks professional economists about their views on the presidential candidates' economic plans. (and more on the candidates' economic gurus). From The New York Observer, be logical, Captain! It’s Kirk vs. Spock in the weirdest presidential race of 21st century; and a look at the frenzy for The Making of the President, 2008. The Ultimate Election: Will economic meltdown, race, or regional loyalty be the trump card in election 2008?