From New York, truth and consequences at Pregnancy High: The education of a teenage mother; and a study uncovered "a popularity premium" that seems to quasi-scientifically confirm what Kurt Vonnegut once observed — "Life is nothing but high school". A Manifesto for the Beautiful Macabre: A review of Japanese Goth by Tiffany Godoy and Ivan Vartanian. Johann Hari reviews John Demos' The Enemy Within and Thomas Robisheaux's The Last Witch of Langenburg. Black and white and red all over: Socialist fiction, feminist theory, even Marxist tracts — thanks to the recession, the classic left-wing reads of yesteryear are back in vogue. Why people who love conspiracy theories are part of the problem: The difference between the millions obsessed with Angels and Demons and the whack jobs denying 9/11 and the Holocaust says a lot about Obama's hopes for a new era of responsibility. True tales from a revolution: The non-fiction classics now hidden from feminist history. From The Guardian, the postwar literary landscape has been dominated by the male giants of American letters, so where are all the women? Elaine Showalter chooses the best novelists writing in the US today (and more on A Jury of Her Peers); an article on a tale of romance by the king of chick lit — Napoleon Bonaparte.