Lawrence Weaver (Glasgow): Feeding babies in the 21st century: Breast is still best, but for new reasons. Could there be any more desperate group of consumers than new moms? A review of When Mothers Kill: Interviews from Prison by Michelle Oberman and Cheryl L. Meyer. A review of The Daddy Shift: How Stay-at-Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms, and Shared Parenting Are Transforming the American Family by Jeremy Adam Smith. (Traditional) Fathers Don’t Always Know Best: The notion that kids can’t develop properly without a biological father was a lie when Dan Quayle asserted it in 1992, and it’s a lie when Barack Obama says it now. The Sacrifice of Isaac ('s Foreskin): An excerpt from Sam Apple's American Parent: My Strange and Surprising Modern Adventures in Babyland. The battle over a baby: Why can a lesbian couple be foster parents to older kids but have to fight to adopt a newborn? A review of Babysitter: An American History by Miriam Forman-Brunell (and more). Research finds young men living at home with parents are more violent. From Foreign Policy, a look at the world’s worst sons: The troublesome progeny giving headaches to some of the most powerful leaders on the planet. The overextended family: Is Skype bringing us together or destroying boundaries?