An impulse for a new Central Europe, the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to Herta Muller, a patriot of an estranged homeland, for work "steeped in Europe's terrible history", which includes the novel Everything I Own I Carry With Me (and an excerpt). From Sign and Sight, twenty years after Ceausescu's execution his secret service is still active; for the first time, Romanian-German writer Herta Muller describes her ongoing experience of Securitate terror (and more on the tenacity of Romania's corrupt secret service). A look at how great literature knows no bounds — in time or place. From LRB, James Wood reviews The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt (and more; and an interview at Bookforum). A review of Peter Lamarque’s The Philosophy of Literature (Blackwell’s "Foundations of the Philosophy of the Arts") by Peter Lamarque. So what exactly is conceptual writing?: An interview with Kenneth Goldsmith. Does the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy still answer the ultimate question? From TNR, a review of Arthur Miller by Christopher Bigsby. A review of Knut Hamsun: Dreamer and Dissenter by Ingar Sletten Kolloen. A review of The Beats: A Graphic History. From Boston Review, a review of The Yeats Brothers and Modernism’s Love of Motion by Calvin Bedient and Our Secret Discipline: Yeats and Lyric Form by Helen Vendler. Thoughts on form: An interview with Philip Pullman. How to read a masterpiece: An essay on coming to terms with Marie-Claire Blais. Next time you finish reading a book, take a minute to write a note to the author — you will likely soon have a story of your own to tell.