Yannis Kakridis (Bern): The Religious Roots of Linguistic Nationalism. From LRB, a review of James Lees-Milne: The Life by Michael Bloch. They didn’t roar like the ’20s, they weren’t about “me” like the ’70s — but let’s jump the gun and start figuring out what to call the ’00s. Who needs the grid? A new fuel-cell technology promises to revolutionize access to cheap, clean energy. Like the cool kids in school, fashion bloggers have become a kind of elite band; how far should luxury houses and consumers of high-end fashion embrace, or not embrace, them? Not just supermodels, they're super people: When she said no to airbrushing, Sarah Murdoch didn't just raise the bar for supermodels, she raised it for humanity. A review of Bite the Hand That Feeds You: Essays and Provocations by Henry Fairlie. A review of Picturing the Uncertain World: How to Understand, Communicate, and Control Uncertainty through Graphical Display by Howard Wainer. A look at 20 of the most shameless cultural franchises. Brother against brother: Research proves familiarity breeds contempt. Suburban Ghetto: Segregation, not immigration, is to blame for the growth of Hispanic gangs. How the talk became big business: Authors, scientists, economists are packing venues as more and more people turn to a lecture for a good night out. A review of The Mantra of Efficiency: From Waterwheel to Social Control by Jennifer Karns Alexander. The report to end all reports: The state of Texas requires a report on all the reports produced by its own agencies — all 1,600 of them. If tax avoidance is as old as tax itself, why are tax havens a modern phenomenon?