Christopher J. Coyne and Matt E. Ryan (WVU): With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? Aiding the World's Worst Dictators. From Poroi, a special issue on the rhetoric of science and technology, including Rebecca Scott (Queen's): Meat My Hero: “I Have a Dream” of Living Language in the Work of Donna Haraway, Or, Ride ‘Em Cowboy!; and Hamilton Bean (Colorado): Foucault’s Rhetorical Theory and U.S. Intelligence Affairs. From MIT Sloan Management Review, an article on how to save your brand in the face of crisis: Choosing the best response can spell the difference between a brand’s survival — even enhancement — and its irreversible tarnishing; an interview with Andrew McAfee, author of Enterprise 2.0, on putting the science in management science; and an interview with Julian Birkinshaw, author of Reinventing Management. If you don’t understand evolutionary biology, don’t write a book about it! A review of Bugs and the Victorians by John F. Mcdiarmid Clark. Gay Marriage Foes: The National Organization for Marriage was on a roll — until it wedded its campaign to a multistate legal effort to keep its donors secret. An interview with Philip Mead, author of Networked Language: Culture and History in Australian Poetry. From Standpoint, can the Atlantic coalition hold? William Kristol, Tim Montgomerie, and Daniel Johnson debate; and Berlin suited Vladimir Nabokov until the Nazis, like the Bolsheviks before them, drove him into a second exile. A review of Nancy Fraser's Scales of Justice: Reimagining Political Space in a Globalizing World. Techspeak and the abuse of language: While the doomsday plot of the Terminator movies — what can happen when human decisions are wholly entrusted to computers — we are perhaps formulating the dangers of technology in the wrong way.