J. David Velleman (NYU): There are No "Reasons for Acting". Wesley Buckwalter (CUNY) and Stephen Stich (Rutgers): Gender and Philosophical Intuition (and more at Philosophy TV) From the inaugural issue of Logos and Episteme, Susan Haack (Miami): Belief in Naturalism: An Epistemologist's Philosophy of Mind. From Thought and Practice, Jennifer Lisa Vest (UCF): Perverse and Necessary Dialogues in African Philosophy; and Barry Hallen (Morehouse): “Ethnophilosophy” Redefined? From the inaugural issue of Philosophical News, Michele Marsonet (Genoa): Metaphysics and Naturalism; Angelo Campodonico (Genoa): Human Nature, Desire for Recognition, Freedom; and a review of Free Will as an Open Scientific Problem by Mark Balaguer. From Synthesis Philosophica, a special issue on John Dewey. An interview with Scott Soames on books on the philosophy of language. A review of Relativism and the Foundations of Philosophy by Stephen D. Hales. A review of Seeing Wittgenstein Anew. A review of The End of Comparative Philosophy and the Task of Comparative Thinking by Steven Burik. From Philosophy TV, Ben Bradley and Dale Dorsey debate well-being, subjectivism, and hedonism. Pedro Blas Gonzalez on a life-affirming reconstruction in the discipline of philosophy: What could be the defining characteristics of such a task? A review of A New History of Western Philosophy by Anthony Kenny. From On the Human, do people actually believe in objective moral truths? Joshua Knobe investigates.