Robert W. Hahn (Oxford) and Alistair Ulph (Manchester): Thinking Through the Climate Change Challenge. We like it hot: The US' unwillingness to push for substantial emissions cuts could spell climate catastrophe. An excerpt from Global Warming and Political Intimidation: How Politicians Cracked Down on Scientists as the Earth Heated Up by Raymond Bradley. What's it like inside a climate change deniers conference? A mix of the comically surreal, the deadly earnest and the achingly tedious (and more). On experts and global warming: We non-experts are in no position to argue against the consensus of expert scientific opinion. A look at how climate models are creating a false sense of security, or at least insufficient terror. What next on climate? The effort to address climate change stumbled with the failure to pass cap-and-trade; what should happen now? Five experts discuss the future of US climate and energy policy. A politically incorrect solution to climate change: Global warming seems inevitable — so maybe we should stop trying to prevent it and start finding ways to live with it through adaptation. Would you trust a management consultant with the world's rainforests? A review of Climate Change and Society by John Urry. An idea whose time has come: Mainstream economics is beginning to recognise the opportunities alongside the climate threat. Who says we can’t do anything about the weather or the climate? Let the geoengineering research begin! Tom Junod on the new religion of global warming. Conservatives, John Locke, and climate change: Why would a libertarian believe that the atmosphere may be privately appropriated? If it couldn’t be, then there is no reason to suppose that free-market policies are at all appropriate in dealing with climate policy.