A new issue of United Academics Magazine is out. J. David Velleman (NYU): Life Absurd? Don't Be Ridiculous. New Dominionists: Meet the Christian couple behind the Right’s most viral videos. Soft porn, hardening hearts: Jonathan Tayler on a magazine’s private story. From The Washington Diplomat, academic Tyler Cowen livens up economics with The Great Stagnation; and Argentina 2001 vs. Greece 2011:
 Patrick Corcoran on the parallels and pitfalls of comparison. Blank-of-the-Month Clubs: Jill Harness on 16 offbeat subscription services. The Best Predictions of 2011: Drawing from a variety of sources throughout the past year, the editors of The Futurist take a look at some of the best predictions for the world’s future. Modernity and its Discontents: Morten Hoi Jensen reviews George Scialabba’s The Modern Predicament. If it weren’t for Newt’s dreadful neocon policies, he would have self-declared misogynist Brandon Adamson’s vote hands down. Can anyone explain why this fool is allowed to ruin this blog? Mad Otto Rossler continues to take up space on the Lifeboat blog.