From TAP, an article on The Hillarycare Mythology: Did Hillary doom health reform in 1993? It's time to get the facts straight about the Clinton plan and why compromise failed. From The Washington Monthly, a look at how Gingrich's Congress emasculated the one agency capable of controlling health care costs and improving quality; and here's an idea: a civilian VA for the uninsured, and maybe the rest of us. From Cato Unbound, Robin Hanson on cutting medicine in half. Taking our medicine: A look at the bad economics of switching health-care plans. From Governing, states are trying to make social and health services intake and screening more efficient. Jonathan Cohn on debunking conservatives' myths about S-CHIP. Why health care is a losing issue for the GOP: Free-market fundamentalism has prevented them from addressing the health care crisis. A review of When Illness Goes Public: Celebrity Patients and How We Look at Medicine by Barron Lerner.