From Peace, Conflict and Development is out, a special issue on approaches to peace and conflict — what is missing? An issue of Nations and Nationalism is free online, including Rogers Brubaker (UCLA): Religion and Nationalism: Four Approaches; and Farhat Shahzad (Ottawa): Forging the Nation as an Imagined Community. Andras Jakab (Max Planck): Defining the Borders of the Political Community: Constitutional Visions of the Nation. Ronald Maraden Parlindungan Silalahi and Veny Anindya Puspitasari (Bunda Mulia): Linguistic Regulation and Nation Character Building: The Neglected Phase of Development. Carl Mosk (Victoria): Why the Prince Consort Was Right: Nationalism, Economic Development, and Violence, 1800-2000. Nicholas Sambanis (Yale) and Moses Shayo (Princeton): Social Identification and Ethnic Conflict. Mihaela Carausan (NSPSPA): The Survival of the National State in a Globalised World. How empire ruled the world: Compared with the six hundred years of the Ottoman Empire and two millennia of (intermittent) Chinese imperial rule, the nation-state is a blip on the historical horizon. Anna Simons on sovereignty, the ultimate states’ rights argument. Dani Rodrik on the nation-state reborn. Tyler Brule on how national airlines are a country’s brand to the world.