From the International NGO Journal, Anja Mihr, Jos Philips, and Isabelle Duyvesteyn (Utrecht): Human Rights NGOs: Imperative or Impermissible Actors in (Post)-Conflict Societies? Rick Perlstein on why Occupy needs to start making demands. Frank J. Vandall on the intellectual foundations of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Insanity and utter ineptness — no other words are more suitable to describe the continued path of austerity imposed by the EU on Spain. Jonathan Chait how Romney simply wants to campaign on the straightforward economic impulse “The economy has been bad under Obama, vote Obama out”; and on Romney’s radical theory of fairness: What Romney calls a distraction is actually the most important issue of the election. At first glance, one does not normally recognize a connection between the commodified adult sex entertainment industry and political science. The church of cryopreservation: Michael Monette on spending eternity in liquid nitrogen (and part 2). Are you bonobo or chimpanzee? Over the next several months, Deni Y. Bechard will blog for Maisonneuve regularly from central Africa as he researches his new book.