A new issue of GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites is out. From Cultural Studies Review, a special issue on The Death Scene: Perspectives on Mortality. From Europe’s Voice, could the euro destroy the EU? Only “more Europe” can avoid a deeper crisis; and Rob de Wijk on the geopolitical consequences of crisis in Europe Summer 2012. The jury is out on the euro: Severe mismanagement by European politicians has caused damage that will last for decades. Save us from the saviours: Slavoj Zizek on Europe and the Greeks. In defense of Chris Hayes: The MSNBC host is getting beat up for remarks he made about the heroism of American soldiers — really, his critics are the ones who should be apologizing. Monsters are born, not made: the latest round in the debate about criminal responsibility questions the very existence of intuitive morality. Statistical extrapolation doesn’t really apply in my case, because I’m not a statistic: Special Snowflake Syndrome could be re-characterized as “Thinking Like a Properly Socialized American”. The art world is divided into people who either passionately love Balthus's paintings or else are offended by them.