From Colors, James Howard Kunstler breaks down the "convergent catastrophes of the 21st century" and explains why apocalypse is imminent. Darren Allen on how societal collapse begins with a broken heart. Post-crash fascism: Christian Parenti on planning for the apocalypse. How will the world end? There are risks to our continued existence on Earth — here's what to look out for. Real estate developer Larry Hall is converting Cold War missile silos in Kansas into condos for "preppers" who are getting ready for total and complete societal breakdown (and more). Ralph Gamelli opens the bunker on doomsayers preparing for the end of civilization — but not all them will survive the first hour of armageddon. From a Zombie invasion to a March Madness app infecting all our cellphones, governments are preparing for the worst. Apocalypse Tourism: It’s 2012, and Belize is trying to lure visitors to the Mayan end of the world. What if everything went straight to Hell? An interview with John L. Casti, author, X-Events: The Collapse of Everything. Fancy a doomsday date? If things get really bad, it may be your best bet.