Hans-Jurgen Wagener (EUV): How Does Good Governance Come About? On Evolution of Institutions. Zanita E. Fenton (Miami): An Essay on Slavery’s Hidden Legacy: Social Hysteria and Structural Condonation of Incest. Foreign visitors are a goldmine for the U.S. economy, so why do we make it so hard for them to get here? From The Globalist, Luis Francisco Martinez Montes on the Catholic origins of globalization; and why does the idea persist that Europe's Catholic nations have always been economic slow-growers? Unraveling a miscarriage of justice: A Texas journalist tells the story of how a man could be imprisoned for a quarter of a century for a crime he didn’t commit. We’re all going to die, but is it statistically significant? Scott Ewing finds the source of a baffling statistic. Names, Trains, and Corporate Deals: Frank Pasquale on why public transit shouldn’t sell naming rights. Want to be a political pundit? Keep this in your pocket.